School Council

Our School Council for 2017 -18 

Nancy, Isabella and Charlie from Class 2 (Morestead)

Leila, Polly, Jamie, Ingrid from Class 3 (Baybridge)

 Chandler, Amy, Elliot, Will and Aaron from Class 4 (Hensting)


Minutes from meeting 10th January 2018

Minutes from meeting 24th January 2018

Minutes from meeting 31st January 2018

Minutes from meeting 6th February 2018



 Meet Our School Council 2016 - 17

Fire Class  Josie and Lillie

Water Class   Alex D and Matilda

                     Alex W and Marguerite

       Air Class     Chandler and Jessica D

                 Jaime and Alex S


Minutes of meetings

Meeting  2nd November 2016

Children in Need


Our chosen Charity this year

Newsletter January 2017

Minutes 2nd February 2017

Minutes 7th February 2017

Minutes 8th March 2017

Red Nose day Poster

Minutes 17th March 2017

Minutes Meeting 3rd May 2017

Minutes 18th May 2017

Minutes 14th June 2017

Speech to the Governors about the Playground

Minutes 28th June 2017








Our First Minutes 2015 - 2016



The school council of Owslebury have had two very important meetings so far this year. The council got together in their first meeting to decide on the renaming of each class in the school to bring the classes together as a community. They decided on six different themes that were then voted on by the entire school. The unanimous winner was that of animals who live in large families or within a group. Our new classes are called: Elephant Herd, Wolf Pack, Lion Pride and Alligator Congregation.


In the second of our meetings the children were asked to decide on a way to raise money for Children in Need. After great discussion it was decided that the school would dress up on Friday 13th November and the children could choose from 3 themes (Costume from an era between 1920 - 1990, Sports and Pyjamas). It was important to the council that all children could participate happily and had a choice of what they could wear.




First meeting September 2014

Minutes Meeting 9th October 2014

Minutes Meeting 23rd October 2014

Newsletter December 2014

Minutes Meeting 10th December 2014

Minutes Meeting 29th January 2015

Newsletter 24th February 2015

Egg Competition March 2015

Newsletter Summer 2015